DSC_6279t1 diabetes.info have been racing and training on the Lapierre Air Code race bikes for a couple of months now and we thought you would like some genuine feed back from some of the Race Team members as to how they have performed.

These are some of the comments from the boys so far ;-

Ian Rees “I am blown away by how stiff and instantly responsive the bike is when I sprint !”

John Russell “The Lapierre Air Codes are total class in every way. The fit and finish of the components and frame are fantastic. I have raced and worked on may bikes over the years but I will honestly say that these bikes are really top drawer !”

Richard Spink “Having raced and trained on allsorts of top quality race bikes in the past years, I can say that without doubt the Lapierre Race Codes I am training and racing on this year are one of my favourites. They are very stiff yet comfortable and compliant and are beautifully finished.”

So their you have it these are genuine comments and we cant recommend the Lapierre brand highly enough !

If you don’t want to take our word for it go and have a look for yourselves at your local dealer and arrange a test ride.

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